Happy 23rd Birthday Pauline!

Hi Love,

Actually ngayon palang po talaga ako mag gregreet ( hindi dahil palusot ko lang kasi nakatulog ako sa sobrang pagod haha) .Mauna na sila lahat basta ako huling taong mag grergreet sayo ng HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAULINE GAIL SAN ESTEBAN DE GUZMAN! Sabi nga diba, ‘Save the Best for Last’. Nasanay kasi tayong nauuna mag greet yung taong especial satin. Sabi ko naman sayo diba ‘Let’s go beyond the usual’. And namention ko din sayo, I’m an old fashioned style person. Liligawan kita kung pano manligaw noon. Liligawan kita araw araw at gabi gabi.

To my one and only love, Thank you for bringing colors to my fainted rainbow, thank you for being my sunrise that shines deep into my soul, thank you for ending each day with a beautiful sunset that covers me with joy and for being my moon that guides my path with the stars that twinkle like your eyes.

As we celebrate another fun filled year of your life don’t forget the people who helped you build up yourself when you were broken, the friends who encouraged you to be strong, your past relationships that taught you how love works in certain situations, how it feels to be loved by an individual dearly in love with you,  how love can heal the scars and how to love more than words and feelings could offer.

I thanked the Lord for he had given me someone with the purest heart, a human worth loving forever, a person whose silence means everything to me, a kind person who is always there to help and someone who shares with me moments of everlasting memories.

Happy Happy Birthday Pauline, I hope you enjoyed this day! Seeing happy makes me happier. You are my partner, my best friend, food buddy, Sunset companion, kalokohan dance partner,  my everything. You are my Pauline Gail. My Pawiii, P, Paulina, Love, Lovey, Mahal, Mahalko, Babe, Bib, Lubot and Ngudoy Mo Paulina! Whatever I call you my heart only beats for one.

I am always here to support you in all your plans in life. I pray that you’ll finally find the job that is waiting for you. God bless our relationship. May he guide us individually to our journey together.

Trust in the Lord for his plans are the best!

I love you Pauline Gail



Late Night Thoughts

      She has this strong emotion

Floating in the sea

Letting the wilderness conquer her

Letting the waves drown deep

She hides her sadness

Covering the moment with laughter

Not fixing the

broken parts

Rather staying silent

She is a mystery

Unsolved puzzle

Scattered  pieces

Empty space

                                                                   Unspoken words

Unseen weakness


My love for her

will remain pure and true.